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Mortgage Calculators

  • Maximum Mortgage
    Calculate the maximum mortgage amount you qualify for based on your income. A great tool for both buyers or sellers.
  • Mortgage Analyzer
    Calculate your mortgage payment, create an amortization schedule, discover what you'll owe in 5 years.
  • Payment Analyzer
    Calculate your mortgage payment for various payment frequencies (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly). Discover by how many years you could shorten your amortization
  • Prepayment Analyzer
    Calculate your mortgage payment. Discover how many years you will shorten your amortization and how much interest savings you will realize by making a prepayment on your mortgage
  • Rent of Buy Analyzer
    Compare the financial advantages of renting vs. buying based on your current monthly rent, funds towards your downpayment and your desired monthly payment if you purchased a home
  • The Mortgage Isolator
    Isolate a variable in the determinants of your mortgage payment.


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